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Proven solutions for fresher, contaminant-free water from your faucet

Nothing is more important than the well-being of your family. Take care of your children, pets, and yourself with purified water available right at your fingertips with our wide variety of drinking water filters. American Water Systems of South Georgia proudly offers products made by Hague Quality Water with impressive manufacture's warranties and certifications so you can trust that your water is keeping your family happy and healthy.

With one small investment, you can make a big difference to the quality of your life by improving the water you're drinking and cooking with daily. Browse through our selection of filtration options that purify the water right at your faucet.

H3500 Reverse Osmosis Filter

Trust your water every day in every way

Water is essential to so many important things within our bodies. You will think clearer, have more energy, and stay healthier by drinking the proper amount of water daily. Make sure the water you're using to keep you going is the best water available with our H3500 filter from Hague Quality Water. It is tested and certified to reduce contaminants harmful to your health that are otherwise undetectable.

Benefits of an H3500 Reverse Osmosis Filter:

  • Certified to reduce lead, arsenic, nitrates,and 10 other substances
  • Multi-Stage filtration for ultimate results
  • Eliminates need to purchase bottled water
  • Water that tastes and smells great
  • Separate faucet included
  • 25-Year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

Say goodbye to wasting money on bottled water and protect your family with an H3500 reverse osmosis drinking water filter to get a tap you can trust. Whether it's just improving the taste of your water or more critical concerns like lead, this powerful, low maintenance system can get you the best water available right in your own kitchen.

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You take care of your family by making healthy choices every day. Let American Water Systems of South Georgia help you by showing you the healthy choices available for your water. With a filter for your drinking water, you can enjoy:

  • Better tasting water
  • Not worrying about drinking lead, arsenic, or other harmful substances
  • Saving money by no longer buying bottled water
  • Convenient access to purified water
  • Reduced chlorine from city water additives
  • Eco-friendly way to get great water

During a complimentary consultation, American Water Systems of South Georgia's water experts can help you determine what is in your water and the best drinking water product to fit your needs. Indulge in water you can trust with our certified solutions installed by our professional team. You'll never have to worry about your water again.

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